Castle Green


Bristol Castle Map 2
Outline of walled town and castle
Bristol Castle c1200
Bristol Castle ~ c1200  Water colour by Tim Rossiter – 1978 based on model by M. W. Ponsford and P. Weare
The view from the South of Bristol Castle as depicted by Millerd in 1673
Bristol Castle in 1300s
Bristol Castle in the 14th Century Illustrated by Fred Little
Bristol Castle 1400s
Bristol Castle from Broad Weir in the Fifteenth Century Illustrated by Fred Little

Bristol Castle c 1500

Back of St Peters Hospital Hugh O’Neil c 1820 – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Bridge Street c1905 Bristol Archives
Castle Green and St Peters pre-war
Castle Green and St Peters pre-war
Water Gate Oct 1930-Photographer-PEW Street

Castle Street mid 1940s

Castle Green
Castle Green
The Moat looking West from Queen Street 1930 – Reece Winstone
The Moat looking West from Queen Street 1930 – Reece Winstone
PBAN3117 1962 Entrance to Castle Ditch (moat), looking from east of Queen Street to Tower Hill.
PBAN9369 The Castle Moat and Queen Street Bridge, Bristol, before the bridge was rebuilt.
PBAN3119In tunnel underneath Broad Weir in Castle Ditch. Four men in tethered rowing boat with lamp.

The three men in the foreground are John Corin (Publicity Officer – standing) and possibly John Brain and Mike Eastman (PBA office staff) The water level appears to be low (tide mark & cill evident).1962

PBAN3120 Inside Castle Ditch (moat)1962
Castle Moat being bult over Tower Hill 1965 RW
Castle Moat being built over Tower Hill 1965 – Reece Winstone
PBAP782 1971 The entrance to the culverted Castle Moat beneath Queen Street.
Castle Ditch 2
Castle Ditch 2018
Castle Ditch
Castle Ditch
Dyson Tech Hub proposal

Engineering giant Dyson plans to invest £100m in a new research and development hub in central Bristol.
The technology centre would be home to hundreds of software and artificial intelligence (AI) engineers, the company said.
Dyson said it had chosen Bristol because it was an “international hub for software and digital skills”.
The centre is planned for a Dyson-owned building opposite Castle Park, close to Bristol Bridge.
The company is still going through the process of applying for planning permission to convert the building’s use, and it is not yet clear when it will be fully operational.
BBC May 2023

1930s Bristol city centre recreated in virtual reality by Jeremy Horton

Castle Park’s history

  • The historic heart of old Bristol, which became the main shopping district by the 20th century. It is named after the remains of Bristol Castle demolished in 1656.
  • It was hit by thousands of bombs during the bombing of 24 November 1940.
  • Significant buildings like the Dutch House, St Peter’s Hospital and St Mary Le Port Church were damaged or destroyed.
  • Though some buildings and the street plan survived, the council pulled them down, buried the streets and created the park in the 1970s.