Finzels Reach


Counterslip Wharf 1899 Paul T
Counterslip Wharf in the 1899

There was a ferry at Counterslip Wharf until St Phillips Bridge was built in 1841. Castle Street can be seen in the background.

A sugar refinery occupied part of the site from 1681, rebuilt by Conrad Finzel in 1846 to become one of the largest sugar refineries in England. Known as Finzel’s Sugar Refinery, it operated until 1881.

Counterslip Sugar Refinery by WB Murray

Georges Bristol Brewery, founded in 1788, grew to occupy most of the site by the mid 20th century, when it was the largest brewery in South West England. Known after 1961 as the Courage Brewery, it operated until 1991. The site also includes the former Tramway Generating Station, a Grade II listed building built in 1899 which operated as the power station for Bristol Tramways until 1941.

Georges Brewery 1920 Paul T
Georges Brewery 1920
Castle Bridge
Castle Bridge from Castle Park to Finzels Reach opened in 2017