Hanover Quay


The area known as Hanover Quay is in recognition of the twinning of Bristol with Hanover in 1947. From at least 1250 until recent times it was known as Canons Marsh.

Sea Banks Nicholas Pocock Canons Marsh 1792

The Canons Marsh Wharves were developed in the 1890s.

Steam pinnace-A launch carried on a vessel-circa 1900-Cannons-Marsh
Cannons Marsh 1921
Canons Marsh 1921
Canons Marsh 1930
Canons Marsh 1930
Cannons Marsh from Wapping Wharf 1933 RW
Canons Wharf from Wapping Wharf 1933 – Reece Winstone
Floating Harbour by George Cumberland C 1810
PBA214 Bristol City Lines at Canon’s Marsh.

‘Boston City’  berthed at Y Shed, ‘New York City’ at Z Shed beyond. Both ships were built in 1917; ‘Boston City’ was torpedoed and sunk by a U-boat in St George’s Channel on 2 Jan 1918. A new ‘Boston City was built in 1920. In this picture the 1920 tobacco bonded warehouse is notably absent. In the distance at far right is the Corporation Granary, later destroyed in a WW2 air raid.

Cannons Marsh 1946
Canons Marsh 1946
PBA1718 Discharging wood-pulp from Stalheim over side to craft at Y Shed. Dockers unloading bales on barge. 1952
PBA1835 SS Leoville from France at Z Shed, Canons Marsh.

Beyond, at Y Shed, is SS Stalheim from Norway with wood-pulp. BR pannier tank loco working.

PBAP204 1970 16-ton derrick crane and crane No 7 at Canons Marsh; Canons Marsh tobacco warehouse behind. Now the site of Lloyds amphitheatre; only the old crane tower at far right remains.
PBA1922 Finnish liner Laura Dan (Lauritzen Line) at City Docks discharging woodpulp and paper, tug Conroy alongside. 1953
PBA1963, Suderau loading general cargo at A Shed, Norderau loading coke at Gas Works.

Vessel in background loading coke at Gas Works jetty.

PBA1836.  “Breezand” loading coke at the Gas Works jetty, City Docks 1953
Canons Marsh, Bristol. This area of Bristol has seen significant redevelopment. Shown here are the gas works and an inter-war warehouse that has since been replaced by the Lloyds Bank HQ at Millennium Square. Photographed in November 1970 by Jim Hancock. In the 1960s and 1970s it provided free parking near the centre if you were prepared to navigate the substantial potholes.

The large car park was at one stage free as long as you could negotiate the puddled and potholed surface.

Redshank with Canons Marsh in the background 1970s
The Ferry  – Beyrl Cook 2001
Mogambo 74m Luxury Yacht 2012 Hanover Quay
Mogambo 74m Luxury Yacht at Hanover Quay 2012
Harbour Inlet Marina 2018
Harbour Inlet Marina 2018
Lord Nelson Hanover Quay May 22