Hanover Quay


The area known as Hanover Quay is in recognition of the twinning of Bristol with Hanover in 1947. From at least 1250 until recent times it was known as Cannons Marsh.

Sea Banks Nicholas Pocock Canons Marsh 1792

The Cannons Marsh Wharves were developed in the 1890s.

Cannons Marsh 1921
Cannons Marsh 1921
Canons Marsh 1930
Cannons Marsh 1930
Cannons Marsh from Wapping Wharf 1933 RW
Cannons Wharf from Wapping Wharf 1933 – Reece Winstone



Floating Harbour by George Cumberland C 1810
Cannons Marsh 1946
Cannons Marsh 1946
PBAP204 1970 16-ton derrick crane and crane No 7 at Canons Marsh; Canons Marsh tobacco warehouse behind. Now the site of Lloyds amphitheatre; only the old crane tower at far right remains.
Redshank with Cannons Marsh in the background 1970s
Mogambo 74m Luxury Yacht 2012 Hanover Quay
Mogambo 74m Luxury Yacht at Hanover Quay 2012
Harbour Inlet Marina 2018
Harbour Inlet Marina 2018