Pooles Wharf


HMS_Cleopatra_(1779) James Hillhouse by Nicholas Pocock
HMS Cleopatra built By James Hillhouse Ship Builders at Hotwell Dry Dock in 1779 – painting by Nicholas Pocock
GK Stotherts Clifton Marine Engineering and Iron Shipbuilding Works at Hotwells late 19c advert
Stotherts Hotwell Dry Dock repairing steam boat St Davids early 1900s

Hotwell Dock (now Pooles Marina) had been built in 1765 by William Champion. Hillhouse Ship Builders were there from 1772 until c1823 when they moved to the Albion Dockyard. By the first half of the 19th Century there were numerous shipbuilding and repairing docks to the East of Hotwell Dock. Then the Poole Brothers developed the area for their coal and sand business, filling in the docks. They turned the area to the East of Hotwell Dock into a large wharf which continued operating up until the 1980s.

Pooles Wharf Entrance Hotwells Road in 2019
Pooles Wharf 1920s - RW
Pooles Wharf 1920s – Reece Winstone
River Police-formed 1844-at Pooles Sand Wharf -1970
PBAP692 1971 “Sand Gem” discharging sand from its berth in the former Stothert’s dry dock, with a gantry crane overhead.

This dock is now Pooles Wharf Marina between the Rownham Mead (foreground) and Poole’s Wharf Court (background) housing developments.

Unloading the Bristol Sand & Gravel Co ship, Harry Brown, Hotwells sand wharves, 1978
The Sand Saphire 30 Dec 1980
Sand Diamond 1980
peter tambling_Pools_Wharf_Bristol_harry_brown_Arco 1988
Harry Brown sand dredger at Pooles Wharf 1988 (Peter Tambling)
Pooles Bridge
Pooles Bridge opened 1998
Pooles Wharf
The Matthew at Pooles Wharf
Pooles Marina 2018
Pooles Marina 2018
Pooles Marina from Pooles Bridge
Pooles Marina from Pooles Bridge 2018
Pooles Wharf 9 October 22