Porto Quay



Cross Harbour Goalferry 2011
Cross Harbour Ferry (Gasferry) with Gas Works and Porto Quay in background
Gas Ferry in 1890s – Bristol Museums York Collection 3669
Gas Ferry 1894 - RW
Gas Ferry 1894 – Reece Winstone
Gas Ferry 1967 RW
Lime Kiln Dock 1662 to 1903 2
Lime Kiln Dock

Lime Kiln Dock built in 1662 and became a dry dock in 1745. Lime Kiln Dock was run by Hillhouse and Sons between 1820 and 1843.  It was covered over in 1903 for the Docks Railway and Great Western Railway Wharf.

Lime kiln Dock being filled in to build the Cannons Marsh Railway 1903 – Bristol Museum York Collection 3686
Lime Kiln Dock – TW Robotham
A View of Clifton and Brandon Hills – probably 18th Century – The Lime Kiln can be seen to the right near the water.
Porto Quay 2018 and 1913
Porto Quay 2018 overlaid with map of 1913

The Capricorn Quay Development was on the former sites of the Great Western Railway Wharf and Brandon Wharf. The new Brandon Yard Development is on the site of the Engine House and the Inlet Marina on the Gas Works site. The Gas Works ceased production in the 1960s.

Porto Quay 2018 s
Porto Quay 2018 – in the centre the site of Lime Kiln Dock
Samuel Plimpsoll
The statue of Samuel Plimsoll stands on the site of Lime Kiln Dock

It was from 1962 at Cumberland Basin.

Mardyke Wharf and Porto Quay
Harbour Inlet 2018 – This was re-badged Brunel Quay in 2019
Brandon Yard and Brunel Quay October 22