Redcliffe Wharf and Bridge


Avon (Midland Railway) Wharf 1898
Midland Railway (Avon) Wharf 1898
This Ordnance Survey Map of 1884 shows the Midland Railway Wharf called Albert Quay
redcliffe 1934 rw
Redcliffe from Prince Street Bridge 1934 – Reece Winstone
redcliffe 1973 rw
Redcliffe 1973 – Reece Winstone

Redcliffe -Brsistol Archives

Redcliffe Bridge building c1938
Redcliffe Bridge being built c1938

Prior to the building of Redcliffe Bridge there had been a Grove to Guinea Street ferry from 1882.

Redcliffe Bridge Circa 1950
Redcliffe Bridge Circa 1950

Redcliiffe Bridge

Redcliffe Bascule Bridge built in 1938 and had to be rebuilt in 1942 after bombing.

Redcliff Bridge 1955
Redcliffe Bridge 1955
Sand Dreger Camerton Redcliffe Bridge 1972 Paul T
Sand Dredger Camerton at Redcliffe Bridge 1972
Redcliffe Backs Ferry c1928 Reece Winston
Redcliffe Backs Ferry c 1928 – Reece Winstone

Redcliffe Backs Ferry operated from 1794 until 1930.

Redcliffe Back

redcliffe back 1935 -rw
Redcliffe Back 1935 – Reece Winstone
Redcliffe Back 1937 Paul T
Redcliffe Back 1937
Redcliffe Backs c1960
Redcliffe Back c1960
Redcliffe Backs 1975 RW
Redcliffe Backs 1975 – Reece Winstone
Redcliffe Wharf and Redcliffe Bridge 1978 (In: Lord, J. Southam, J. 1983, p.17).
Welsh Back Redcliffe Back from Bristol Bridge
Redcliffe Quay 2018
Redcliffe Wharf
Redcliffe Wharf 2017
Redcliffe Bridge from Redcliffe Wharf 2017
Redcliffe Bridge from Redcliffe Wharf 2017
Redcliffe Bridge 2019