The Cut – The New Course of the Avon from 1809 – Bedminster


The Cut – The New Course of the Avon from 1809 – Bedminster


Remains of Cardiff Landing Stage from Bedminster 2019

The Cardiff Landing Stage is shown on a 1913 map of the docks on The Cut adjacent to Bathurst Basin. Packet boats operated regular services to Cardiff and Swansea from the Bathurst Basin until the 1930s. In theĀ  picture above from 2019 the remains of the piles can be seen as rotten stumps.

Mouth of Malago River into The Cut
The River Malago enters The Cut opposite Bathurst Basin
The Source of the River Malago on Dundry Hill

The Hidden Malago 2

Bedminster Bridge 1807
First Bedminster Bridge from 1807 - Reece Winstone
The first Bedminster Bridge (Halfords Bridge) was rammed by the Fanny Chapman in 1860 and badly damaged. It also proved not strong enough for horse drawn trams and was rebuilt in 1980/1882.

T L Rowbothams Panorama showing Hills Bedmister Bridge – Anton Bantock – Malago Society

Bedminster Bridge C 1905 - R W
Bedminster Bridge C 1905
Bedminster Bridge 1908
Bedminster Bridge (formerly Harfords Bridge) 1908
Bedminster Bridge 1960 - Reece Winston
Bedminster Bridge 1960 – Reece Winstone


Bedminster Bridge from West
Bedminster Bridge from the West
Langton Street from Bedminster c1905 now site of St Mary Redcliffe School – Bristol Archives

Langston Street Bridge from Bedminster 2019

Langston Street Bridge 1958
Langston Street Bridge 1958


Langton Street (Banana) Bridge from West
Langston Street Bridge (The Banana Bridge) – Built 1883