The Cut – The New Course of the Avon from 1809 – Temple Meads


Temple Meads
Opening of Great Western Railway Bristol -Bath 1840 London 1841
Bristol to Bath railway opened 1840 and 1841 to London
Another feat of engineering overseen by IK Brunel – Cartoon from Being Brunel

One feat of engineering in this project was the opening of Box Tunnel, designed by Brunel, in 1941. He was known to have a sense of humour and for many years it was speculated that he had designed to angle of the tunnel such that on the early morning sun would shine right through from East to West on his birthday, 9th April.

Recently this theory has been questioned with an even more intriguing alternative theory proposed in its place. See: Emma Joan Brunel.

Bristol to Exeter mail train
Train from Exeter brings mail to Bristol about 1844 –  The Clifton Suspension Bridge anticipated by the artist!
Francis Greenacre Bristol Art Historian
Original Terminus at Temple Meads Lithograph JC Bourne 1846
Bath Road Bridge fell down 20 March 1855
Hills Bridge fell down like a pack of cards after being hit by the 180 ton coal barge ‘John’ on 22 March 1855. Two people were killed. – Reece Winstone
Halls Bridge 1855 Reece Winstone
Hills Bridge rebuilt after the 1855 accident viewed from West – Reece Winstone
Bath Road Bridge c1905 Bristol Archives
Bristol Temple Meads 1938 Historic England
Bath Road Rail Bridge from West
Bath Road Bridge from West 1956 RW
Doubling of Bath Road Bridge in 1959 – RW
PBAN2731 Drag boat BD6 at work behind Temple Meads station. Ship Shape March 1962.
Bath Road and Rail Bridges 2
Bath Road and Rail Bridges 2016

The rail bridge had been built in 1839 and was designed by IK Brunel.

Bath Road and Rail Bridges
Additional Bath Road Bridge opened in 1960
Cattle Market Rail Bridge from East 2019
Brock Bridge from Cattle Market Road