PBAN2730 Drag boat BD6 at work behind Temple Meads station, looking towards Totterdown Basin and buildings on Feeder Road.1961

Somewhere under those trees in the middle was Totterdown Lock originally called Calcraft Lock.

avon street bridge 1950s before widening rw
Marsh Bridge 1950s before widening – Reece Winstone
Totterdown Basin meets the Feeder at Marsh Bridge
Totterdown Basin with Meads Reach Rail Bridge in background
Totterdown Basin with Royal Mail Building demolished 2019
On The Feeder 1880s R W
On the Feeder 1880s – Reece Winstone
The Feeder c1925
The Feeder c1925
PBAX1719 1953 View of quayside at the derelict Barton Hill cotton works (Great Western Cotton Mill), on the Feeder Canal
PBAX1724 1953 View of Feeder Canal near derelict Barton Hill cotton mill. Marsh Lane bridge in the distance.
The Feeder from Marsh Bridge
The Feeder Canal from Marsh Bridge

The Feeder Canal brings water into The Floating Harbour from The Avon at Netham.