Wapping Railway Wharf


Wapping Wharf Sign

A view of the College and Rope Walk from Wapping Wharf
Cannons Marsh and Wapping from Hotwells c1875 R W
Cannons Marsh and Wapping Wharf c1875 – Reece Winstone
Wapping Railway Wharf extension completed 1875 – Bristol Museums MC27
Gas Ferry c1912
Wapping Railway Wharf 1912 with Gas Ferry in mid-river
Wapping Railway Wharf 1948
Wapping Railway Wharf 1948
PBAN8808A View of Wapping Wharf looking west taken from the roof of the Fairbairn Steam crane
Seen from Corporation granary  in 1926 Railway Wharf, Fairbairn steam crane, Z shed with electric roof cranes. By Z Shed, Boston City, built for the Bristol City Line at Albion Dockyard, 1920.- Bristol Museums PBA Collection
Unloading grain 1960s Bristol Archives
Wapping Wharf 1966 -RW
Wapping Railway Wharf 1966 – Reece Winstone
John King tug at Wapping Wharf 1969 RW.jpg
John King tug at Wapping Wharf 1969 – Reece Winstone
The John King Wapping Wharf s
John King at Wapping Wharf 2012 Harbour Festival
Wapping Railway Wharf
Wapping Railway Wharf 2011
Wapping Railway Wharf 2011 s
The Fairbairn Crane marks the end of Princes Wharf and the start of Wapping Railway Wharf

The Fairbairn steam crane was built in 1878 by Stothert & Pitt to a design by Victorian engineer William Fairbairn, to lift heavy loads from the deep holds of ships more efficiently than other cranes of the day. It could lift up to 35 tons (35.56 tonnes) and was provided for the very heavy loads that passed through the port.

Wapping Railway Wharf 2018
Wapping Railway Wharf 2018

New planning proposals for Wapping Wharf ‘Cargo development’ October 2022: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-61873557

Greenshank sinks and is refloated and taken to Albion Dockyard for repairs 2021
Greenshank Redemption July 2023